The Centre for LEADER Programme and Agricultural Training Methodology (hereinafter -  the Center) is a state budgetary institution operating in the sphere of building up human recources in the agriculture and rural development sector. The Centre provides mothodological assistance to local action groups (hereinafter -LAGs), which are implementing or intending to implement local development strategies according to the LEADER approach.

The Centre has experience of a 50-year long activity. The  institution whose original name was Training Methodology Service under the Ministry of Agriculture (later - the Centre for Teaching Methodology) strated in 1964. In carrying out the educational reforms and after the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithiania took over the responsibility for supervising vocational training institutions, by Order of the Minister of Agriculture of 31 August 2000 the Centre for Labour Economics and the Centre for Teaching Methodology were reorganised and the Service of Labour Economics and Training Methodology was established. At the time, the function of methodological co-ordination of the LEADER programme had been assigned to the Service of Labour Economics and Training Methodology on 15 March 2005, it was renamed to the Centre for LEADER Programme and Agricultural Training Methodology. In May 2010 the Centre was removed from Vilnius to the Academy in Kaunas region.

The Centre, in implementing its goals co-operates with public management, scientific, educational, councelling, self-government institutions of agricultural and educational employees, farmers, heads and specialists of enterprises and organizations, employees of associations and foundations working in the sphere of LEADER approach implementation and human resources development. Since 2009 the Centre has been a member of the Lithuanian Rural Network.

The main objectives of the Center:

  • Organize vocational training, education and outreach activities to farmers, local action groups, rural communities and other rural development actors.
  • Improve the qualifications of people employed in agricultural and rural development sector.

The Center has 4 divisions: Administration, Programme LEADER adn information division, Training division, Document management and publishing division.


MARCH 2019